We’ll be working with citizens, stakeholders, business owners, visitors, and anyone who has a passion in crafting a vibrant future for the City of Brainerd. Here’s how we plan to gather feedback:

ONLINE SURVEYS: Our steering committee will promote a series of online surveys. These surveys will be sprinkled throughout our 18 month process. The survey’s will be made available online, as well as hard copies. Surveys are a great tool to provide engagement opportunities in the comfort of your own home, that fit your schedule, and can be completed at your own pace.

COMMUNITY SURVEY PANEL: A small army of residents have volunteered to take a series of surveys over the course of one year. The responses from their efforts will guide us in asking the right questions. We’ll publish the survey responses on this project page as well as under the “project documents” heading.

WARD MEETINGS: In an effort to understand your needs as a resident, we held a series of ward meetings. Each ward is unique and we learned what makes each ward different and special. The city will sent out invitations to each home within the four wards. Participants shed light on makes their neighborhood home.

OPEN HOUSES: We’ll host a series of traditional open houses, or visioning sessions, to garner further feedback and request comments/review on the plan’s content. It’s through your feedback we can, together, develop a document that addresses our future needs.

FOCUS GROUPS: We will host a series of focus groups which are small group discussions aimed at identifying specific needs. If you are are interested in facilitating a conversation, please contact us and we will help to provide you with a list of questions.